Engineering & Industrial Company "VECTOR"
Engineering and industrial company "VECTOR" is
Ukraine manufacturer and distributor of various systems of telecommunication and wireless communication, modems and systems of intelligent cards for business and home use.
EIC "VECTOR" is the leading company in design and
manufacturing of various communication devices in Ukraine. Founded in 1990, company "Vector" began its activity from creating systems for automation of industrial and scientific experiments, manufacturing unique equipment, developing and manufacturing telecommunication devices.
EIC "VECTOR" has Main office in Kharkov.
High-skilled professionals work in the company, who are engaged in design, development, and production of new devices as well as technical service of customers. "VECTOR" is the leading supplier of telecommunication devices to government institutions, largest banks and enterprises of our country. Today most of Ukrainian banks and many enterprises and institutions are Vector's customers and use modems purchased in "VECTOR".
By now products range offered by the company is
expanded and includes modems xDSL (CO&CPE), bridges and routers, WLAN and other products.
"VECTOR" has contacts with well-known manufacturers of telecommunication devices all over the world.
PO Box 11075, Kharkov 610457
Tel/Fax: +380572149959

For outside Ukraine :

Fax: +12062024664
E-mail: info@vector.kharkov.ua 
Web: http://www.vector.kharkov.ua  

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