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Controller SMS
Controller SMS

The controller SMS is intended for automatic dispatch the SMS messages and creation of it's management media. The SMS service allows to create the simple and reliable channel of mobile communication between the users on the territory covered by GSM network

  • Tracking the mobile object (AVL).
  • Digital home systems.
  • Security system
  • Any other systems as remote control means.
Main advantages channel of mobile communication
  • The voice channel is saved completely, transfer/receive of the SMS messages can be made in time of the usual telephone talk
  • Transfer/reception of the SMS messages is possible in case of a location in a zone of uncertain receiving, when on outgoing/coming telephone connect filures
  • Stable work in conditions of increased loading of GSM network in time of daily peaks loads
  • Automatic delivery of the SMS message at the moment of entry of mobile object in a zone covered by GSM network


  • The current version of microprogramm software is designed for using with following GSM terminals: NOKIA 51XX, 61XX; SIEMENS S25, C35, S35, M35, S45, M20T,M35, SL45.
  • RS-232 port for a receive and transfer, can be connected to PC
  • 5 Digital Inputs (switch positions).
  • Power adapter for charging GSM phones.
  • Messages will be sent to the GSM phones or e-mails specified.
  • 4 Digital Outputs allows you to manage the systems at a distance

General Specifications

  • Dimensions 115x53x30 mm
  • Power voltage +10 ~ +16V
  • Consumption current 20 mA and 160 mA when charging the Accumulator GSM terminal
  • Operation system FLASH memory 128Kbyte
  • Data memory EEPROM 4Kbyte
  • Additional FLASH memory data 1Mbyte
  • RISC microprocessor (~4 MIPS)
  • RS-232 Port on reception and transfer, is connected to PC
  • RS-232 Port on reception, is connected to gauges, for example GPS the receiver
  • 4 digital output (switch positions) connected through optocouplers
  • 4 digital inputs (switch positions) connected through optocouplers
  • plug for connection GSM terminal (phone)
  • plug PS-2
  • button of the emergency messages, is located on the case of the device
  • operating temperature -24 ~ +55 C
  • temperature of a storage - 24 ~ + 70 C
  • weight 170 g
New opportunities of the SMS controller !!!!!
Now you can send SMS message from PC. Connect SMS controller to PC and run any communication program (Telix, Hyper Terminal etc...) with parameters 4800n81 (without RTS/CTS flow control). Handshake PC with SMS controller:
Wait response:
Enter body of SMS message with <CTRL+Z>, as finishing character.
Wait response:
If you want to send SMS message "Hello, world" to abonent with number +777711113333. Connect SMS controller with GSM termital to PC. Run communication programm and enter:
> Hello, world<CTRL+Z>
List of responses:
OK - SMS message correctly sent to network;
ERROR 1 - entering time-out (see note below);
ERROR 2 - buffer owerflow (SMS body more, than 160 symbols);
ERROR 3 - syntax error;
ERROR 4 - GSM terminal not ready (not connect);
ERROR 5 - SMS center number not loaded into the SMS controller;
ERROR 6 - sending SMS error.
Time interval between two entering symbols must be less than 25 sec. Differently will arise ERROR 2. If you want to cancel input, press <ESC>.

Advantages of service SMS

  • The voice channel is completely kept, the transfer (reception) of SMS messages takes place in parallel with usual telephone conversation.
  • Transfer (reception) of SMS messages is possible in case of staying in a zone of bad spredding of radiosignals. In this situation outgoing (incoming) telephone connections are followed by refusal.
  • Stable work in conditions of an increased load of GSM network during daily peak loadings. Automatic delivery of SMS message in the moment of entering by the mobile object a cover zone of GSM network.

More information Controller SMS

More information Controller SMS


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