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Wireless LAN


Plug-and-play PC card for your laptop is a solid design with an integrated diversity antennas which increase the receiving and transmitting sensitivity.

More Information PC Card

It is ideal for use with desktop computers in independent wireless LANs, wireless LANs with stand-alone access points and wireless LAN extensions to wired LAN

More Information PCI Adapter

Key component of wireless network and an important device that connects the wired stations to the distribution system in a network.

More Information Access Point

It is focusing on providing a simple Wireless Internet Access solution for the SOHO users.

Directional Antenna Yagi

14 dBi (2.4 GHz)

This antenna can be used for WLAN products.

This antenna can be used for WLAN products.

More Information Parabolic reflector Antenna

The effective Transmission Range (doubled)


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